About Our Coaches

Our team of Coaches has helped thousands of families overcome the challenges they’ve faced along their non-traditional journey to parenthood.

These caring professionals understand the specific struggles of building a family through adoption, foster care, egg donation, and surrogacy. They are committed to listening and guiding your employees through their unique experiences.

Experience & Results

Our Leadership Team

Kelly Ellison

Founder & COO
Adoptive Parent

Adam Winder

Orphanage Founder

Matt Coolbaugh

Director of Strategic Development

Edward Brockschmidt

Chief FInancial Officer

Roland Salloum

General Counsel
Parent through IVF

Credentials & Training

Experience & Education

Meet The Founder & Head Coach

Kelly and her team of Coaches have worked with thousands of families helping them navigate the financial paths of adoption, surrogacy, and egg donation.

Kelly Ellison, MBA

Kelly’s international adoption journey took 29 months, but it was all worth it when she got to experience that life-changing moment.

“I’ll never forget the moment when the China officials handed our daughter to us. My team and I love assisting families with the financial challenges they face in their non-traditional family-building journeys.”