Luke & Kelly G.

Adopting a special needs baby with Down syndrome ​


To assist the family and their adoption provider with the financial resources they needed to bring their family together forever.

Every family and journey is different and we can offer support and guidance in all cases.


The employee needed guidance around adopting children with special needs.


We helped them connect with an agency that would help them navigate their specific family plan.

Online video library, resources and live coaching provided the support this family needed to create a comprehensive financial plan for their adoption journey.


Vesta helped parents to secure $41,920 through grants and fundraising efforts.

The family was able to adopt twin girls with Down Syndrome.

“VMLY&R is a strong supporter of adoption, and we were looking for a solution to help our employees navigate the complicated world of adoption. In partnering with Kelly Ellison and her team, we were able to help create and pilot a solution that would help to educate our employees about adoption and to help them reach their ultimate goal of growing their family through adoption.”

Annmarie Burnette, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
VMLY&R | Director, Human Resources and Benefits

Vesta Family-Building Benefits Program

Saves Money

A gap in affordable and inclusive family-planning benefits can cause an employee to seek other employment opportunities.

The cost of replacing that employee can range from one-half to two times their annual salary — and that’s a conservative estimate.

Easy to Administer

A simple link in your HR portal allows your employees access.

Increases employee morale

Tailored coaching reduces anxiety and stress associated with infertility and growing their family.

Provides a competitive edge

Vesta is an innovative program that adds to your family-building benefits package.
  • Adoption is complicated
  • Employees spend hours, days, months, years researching
  • Loss of employee productivity costs company an average of $80,000 per employee
  • Reduces costs
  • Easy to administer
  • Increases employee morale
  • Reduces employee anxiety & stress
  • Provides a competitive edge