20,000+ families helped since 2008

And Growing.

Our family-building benefits program provides oversight throughout an employee’s journey and allows them to lean on the experience and knowledge of our team of experts. 

Our coaches and resources guide employees on their options, the process, cost and budgeting along with many other resources for their family-building journey.

There is no 'one-size fits all' answer when it comes to family building and we believe that accessible, equitable, and inclusive family benefits should never be out of reach.

We understand

Non-Traditional Family Building is Overwhelming.

Employees considering or navigating adoption, egg donation, and surrogacy to build their families can easily become overwhelmed by the time and energy spent deciphering the information they need to begin their journey. 

Every year, families in the U.S. adopt
approximately 135,000 children.

The global surrogacy market is projected to
reach $201.40 million by 2025, growing at a
CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2027.

Inclusive Family Building is Expensive.


$20,000 – $55,000
12 to 24 months


$55,000 – $180,000
12 to 18 months

Egg Donor

$30,000 – $50,000
2 to 6 months

partnering with vesta

Inclusive Family Building is Possible.


Jaffa needed support with interviewing and selecting a clinic for her egg donor journey. Vesta coaches prepared a list of questions for her to ask the clinic. She ultimately found a better path after working with Vesta to further define her needs. Vesta coaches also provided resources for legal support and helped her consider her out of pocket expenses as they relate to the company policy and benefit.

Ari & Tyla

Ari and Tyla were pursuing a surrogacy in Ukraine when the war with Russia began. They have embryos at a clinic in Ukraine and needed assistance determining if they could get the embryos out safely or start over in Israel. Vesta coaches are currently working with this family to help them connect with the clinic or direct them to a new clinic in Israel.

Alex & Rucker

Alex and Rucker are in the process of moving to Utah where they would like to adopt an older child from foster care. They are already a foster family in California and needed help navigating the process to become a foster family in Utah. Their Vesta coach was able to direct them to an agency in Utah to assist in getting them certified as a foster family and ready to adopt when their move is complete.